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Rally Info

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Police and The Sturgis Rally

Heavy police presence in Sturgis and on the highways
is why so many stolen motorcycles are recovered and
why there are so few alcohol-related traffic deaths.

You’ll start seeing an intense police presence as soon as you hit
the South Dakota state line. You’ll realize when you get to Sturgis
that you’ve never seen this many police anywhere in the world.
The following tips are offered to help you have an uninterrupted vacation:

    1. Don’t drink and drive.
      That’s why we started a biker campground in the first place – so you can party safely.
    2. Make certain you have photo identification with you.
    3. Make certain all the lights and safety devices are properly functioning on your vehicle.
    4. Inspect your bike before you come to SD,
      especially if you’ve purchased an older bike
      and you know it has pieces of other motorcycles on it.
      There will be motorcycle theft specialists here from all over the continent
      who will walk around the towns’ streets and inspect serial numbers.
      The law requires them to seize any motorcycle which has parts with inconsistent numbers
      or if the serial numbers look like they’ve been altered.
      If you have such a bike, either ride a different bike or be certain to bring along
      written documentation to prove the legality of the inconsistent or altered-looking numbers.
    5. Do not, if you’re driving a 4-wheeled vehicle, hang anything from the mirror. Not even a crucifix or a thread.
    6. Check SD law if you have any questionable equipment.
This information has been gathered from the

Sturgis Police Department’s Web Site.

We get a lot of questions concerning the Sturgis-Rally and the local Police, so here is a list of the most common laws that are violated on a regular basis, of which the Police Strictly Enforce. This is to help you, the public, become aware of these City Ordinances and State Laws so you can have a more enjoyable time while visiting here.

Ordinance Code Bond Amt (1997)
Indecent Exposure #12.0801 $90.00
Open Container In Public #13.0155 $75.00
Deposit of Filth #12.0601 $65.00
Disorderly Conduct #13.0102 Custody Arrest
Careless Driving #16.0219 $80.00
City Park Violations #16.0507 $40.00
City Trespassing #13.0113 $90.00
Dog Running at Large #1.0209 $40.00
Exhibition Driving #16.0225 $55.00
Parking in Handicapped Zone (See State Violation)  
Reckless Driving #16.0218 Custody Arrest
Truck Routes Violations #16.0222 Court Appearance Req.
Use of Mechanical & Electric Sound Amplification Device: #13.0116 Court Appearance Req.
State Law SDCL Bond Amt (1997)
Cancelled License #32-12-65(3) $100.00
Violation of Restricted License #32-12-74 $50.00
Revoked Drivers License #32-12-65(1) Custody Arrest
Furnish Alcohol to Minor #35-9-1.1 $100.00
Open Container in Motor Vehicle #35-1-9.1 $75.00

Notice: The Sturgis Police Department has “ZERO” tolerance on all Drug Arrests no matter how small and will not relax charges on any violations of the following laws…

Possession of Controlled Substance #22-42-5 Custody Arrest
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia #22-42A-3 $100.00
Possession of Marijuana #22-42-6 Custody Arrest
Possession of Substances for High Abuse (Distribution): #22-42-2 Custody Arrest

Future Sturgis Rally Dates

August 7th – August 16th, 2020 (80th Sturgis Rally)

August 6th – 15th, 2021 (81st Sturgis Rally)

August 5th – 14th, 2022 (82nd Sturgis Rally)

August 4th – 13th, 2023 (83rd Sturgis Rally)

August 2nd – 11th, 2024 (84th Sturgis Rally)

August 1st – 10th, 2025 (85th Sturgis Rally)

Sturgis Weather

Partly Cloudy
5:28am8:12pm MDT
Feels like: 52°F
Wind: 3mph SE
Humidity: 58%
Pressure: 30.1"Hg
UV index: 2

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